Choosing Weatherstripping for a Sliding Door

Sliding doors are easy to use and they introduce a good amount of sunlight into any room. At the bottom of the door, you will find weatherstripping. Weatherstripping creates a seal between the door and the bottom threshold. When the weatherstripping becomes damaged, it will increase the energy (heat) loss around the door. You should inspect your weatherstripping each and every year. If the seal begins to fail, you will need to purchase a replacement. Here are a few things to consider in your choice.


Weatherstripping comes in a variety of different materials. When choosing the weatherstripping for your sliding door, consider its durability. For example, you can chose a bent plastic weatherstripping if you are comfortable with the fact that it is not durable and you will probably need to replace it in less than a year. You can also choose a metal weatherstripping, which is very durable and will last a long time.

Consider Your Budget

Every project has a budget. Plastic weatherstripping is your least expensive option. Metal weatherstripping is your most expensive option. Rubber and foam materials are inexpensive and they effectively will seal any air leaks. They can be replaced with ease.