Choosing Wheelchair Lifts for the Home Choosing Wheelchair Lifts for the Home

Different wheelchair lifts are available for your home. Your choice will cause you to consider several factors and needs, based on your home's setup. You may want to investigate the following types of wheelchair lifts.

Elevator Lift

Elevator lifts are miniature elevators that can be easily accessed and operated by the person in the wheelchair. This is the most expensive type of lift available.

Step Lift

You can install a step lift in either the front or the back of the home. Step lifts raise the wheelchair up the porch steps of the home to the door. A stair lift is designed to withstand all types of weather.

Stair Lift

Stair lifts provide mobility inside your home. They carry the person in the wheelchair up your home's staircase. You can install these wheelchair lifts to fit the contours of your stairs. They safely and easily carry a person to each level of your home.

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