Choosing Which Should Be An Accent Wall

An accent wall is a way of making a room more special. The appearance of the simplest room can be enhanced by accenting one wall.

Walk into a room

When you walk into a room there is always a wall in front of you. In most cases that is the wall that should be the accent wall. Often, the first wall you see on the ground floor of a home will be the fireplace wall. Upstairs, in bedrooms, the wall that the bed is against makes the best accent wall. Using the wall opposite the door means that the accent wall attract people who aren’t even in the room into the room.

What is in the room?

The choice for an accent wall can be influenced by the contents of a room. Often the TV set is the focal point of a room. If this is the case then  accent the wall behind the TV. Other walls with focal points can have particular items against them. Popular items might be the TV, an upright piano or a favorite piece of furniture. A wall that has a window looking out onto a fabulous view could also be your accent wall.

Choosing which wall to accent is often a case of confirming walls that have already acquired accented status.