Choosing Wood For Custom Kitchen Cabinets

While selecting the wood for your custom kitchen cabinet system you will want to consider the look of different types of wood as well as how well they will stand up to daily use over time. Both hardwoods such as maple and oak and softwoods like pine are proven workhorses in a kitchen setting.


Pine is a soft wood that thrives in different parts of the world. The type found in the United States is Eastern White Pine. Although the name says Eastern White, the wood is a yellow color with attractive brown knots. It is widely used in  kitchen cabinets and is an excellent wood for staining because of its grainy quality.

Maple and Oak

Maple and oak are hardwood that are popular choices as well. Maple is a light-colored wood and has an even grain texture while oak has an open grain and is reddish in color. Both of these woods are very durable and accept stain well.


Cherry wood is also reddish brown like oak to a deep red color. Cherry wood is considered a higher-end wood and has the price tag to prove it. Cherry is quite beautiful when incorporated into cabinetry and furniture pieces.

While cost is certainly a consideration when choosing a wood type for your custom kitchen cabinets, remember that the more durable the wood, the longer you should expect it to last.