Choosing Your Outdoor Patio Tile Choosing Your Outdoor Patio Tile

Installing outdoor patio tile can add great appeal to your outdoor living space. When you are considering what type of tile to choose for this project, there are several different factors that you will want to think about. Here are the basics of how to choose your outdoor patio tile.

Water Absorption

One of the most important aspects of this decision involves choosing a tile that is made for outdoor use. Not every kind of tile can be installed outside. Some tiles will absorb too much water to be used in an outdoor application. For example, ceramic should not be used outside unless you are going to be in a location that never freezes. With this kind of tile, water can get down inside of the tile and freeze. This will cause the tile to crack and break. Ideally, you would like to choose a tile that has less than .5 percent water absorption rate.


Something else that you will want to consider is the level of gloss that is on the top of the tile. In most cases, you should not get a tile that has a high gloss level. When the tile gets wet, it is going to become very slippery. You should think about getting a tile that has some texture to it. This way, you and your guests will be able to easily walk on the tile even if it gets wet. 

Tile Material

There are a few different kinds of tile that you could potentially use outside on your patio, one of the most common being porcelain. Porcelain is very dense and durable and makes a great choice for any patio. You could also use some types of natural stone. For example, many people like to use slate or marble tile in this application. Both of these make a good choice, but you will need to be careful with slate. It is very brittle and can chip or break in some cases.

Design Considerations

Before making a decision, you should also spend some time thinking about design considerations. Every tile is going to provide you with a different look when you complete the job. There are many different styles and colors that are available in every material. You will want to look at many different options so that you know that you are going to choose the one that is best for you. Try to stick to the general theme that you are going with in your patio area. You should also bring home some samples of the tile before you make a decision. Looking at tile in a showroom is going to make the tile look completely different than it will when it is on your patio. The lighting is completely different and you want to be able to see what it is going to look like in the environment in which it will be installed.

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