Chrome Rim Repair: How to Remove Chrome Rims Chrome Rim Repair: How to Remove Chrome Rims

What You'll Need
Lug Wrench
Tire Jack
Tire Removal Tool
Repair Shop

Chrome rim repair requires you to take the rims from the tire and take them in to a service station or tire repair shop to be fixed. If the extent of the damage to your chrome rims is too great for repair, they will need to be replaced with new chrome rims.

This article outlines the steps and process necessary to remove the chrome rims from your car and have them repaired at a professional tire repair shop.

Step 1: Lift the Car on a Tire Jack

Place the car on a car jack in order to remove the rim from the tire. Take the tire jack from the trunk of your car and position it near the tire that needs repair. Lift the tire up and make sure that the car tire clears the ground in order for you to remove the lug nuts and tire from the car.  

Step 2: Remove the Lug Nuts

Use the lug wrench after locking the tire jack in place to remove the lug nuts from the tire. They should be removed in a diagonal star pattern in order to prevent stripping them off. Place the lug nuts nearby so that they do not become lost or somehow get away from you. If any of the lug nuts have a lock, be sure that you have the lock available in order to remove it as well.

Step 3: Remove the Tire

Grip the tire with 2 hands and remove it from the car, pulling it carefully towards you. Once this has been accomplished you can move on to the removal of the tire from the rim in order to take it in for the repair. The best way to remove the tire from the rim is to let all of the air out of the car's tire. This is done by depressing the valve stem until the tire goes flat. Once the tire is completely out of air, take a second lug wrench and place the sharp end between the chrome tire rim and the tire. Place the other lug wrench in a similar manner against the other side and stepping on the tire, work both of the lug wrenches toward you. This will pop the tire up and away from the rim, allowing you to remove the rim completely.

Step 4: Take the Rim in to be Repaired

Take the rim to a repair shop to have the damaged piece replaced or repaired. Once the rim has been repaired, place it into the tire and use the lug wrenches to place the tire back over the rim. You will need access to an air pump to fill the tire back. Place it on the car and reattach the lug nuts.

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