Chrome Your Own Door Knobs

What You'll Need
One pound of aluminum foil
A fireplace
An old pot (one you don't mind ruining in the process)
Fire tongs (ones you don't mind ruining)
Hot burning wood (you want to find the hottest burning wood you can
A fire retardant thermostat
A lighter
Your door knob

In this day and age, chrome plating has become available for various pieces of technology and furniture, including chrome door knobs. This chrome plating creates the image of something being high tech and/or highly professional. Unfortunately the pieces that come in this chrome plating are usually expensive. The one item that can be most commonly found with chrome plating is a door knob. In this article we're going to cover how to chrome your own door knob on a budget.

Step 1 Start the Fire

To start your fire you want to stack your newspaper on the bottom and your card board on top of that. If your card board is a box, you want to stack your wood inside of it. If not, stack the wood on top of it. Having the paper cardboard and wood stacked like this will allow you to create a hot fire very quickly and sustain that heat, which will be a necessary part of this project.

Step 2 Test the Heat

When your fire has gotten hot enough that you can feel the heat coming off, you want to test it. You test to see if it's the appropriate temperature by checking both your thermostat and using your tongs. The thermometer should read 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Put your tongs inside the fire for one minute. When you pull them out they should be glowing. This will reflect the amount of heat that you're going to need for the project.

Step 3 Line the Pot

Take the aluminum foil from your tools and line your pot with it. You want to make sure that the aluminum lines the pot and is packed down inside of it. This will prefect overflow, which could put out your fire and quickly end your project.

Step 4 Melt Your Aluminum

Once your fire has reached the correct temperature and you have your pot packed with the aluminum foil, use your tongs and place the pot inside the fire with the aluminum foil in it. Watch and wait as the aluminum foil melts into a liquid metal. When your aluminum foil has become a liquid you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 5 Dip the Door Knob

If your metal has become a liquid you're ready to dip the door knob in it. Use your tongs to pick up your door knob and place it inside the melted aluminum. Be sure to let go of it with your tongs but pick it right back up. Dropping it momentarily is going to allow it to have a full even coat. After you've done this, pull your door knob out of the melted aluminum and allow it to to cool. You now have a chromed door knob.