Chrysler Repair Manual: Oil Sludge Prevention Chrysler Repair Manual: Oil Sludge Prevention

Owning a Chrysler repair manual will help you repair your vehicle, keep it maintained, and troubleshoot any problems that you encounter as you own it. Not only does the repair manual help you in these areas, but it will also provide information on how to repair your vehicle, but it will give you information on how to prevent problems. One of these problems is oil sludge buildup. 

Oil Sludge Problems

One of the common problems with engine failure in Chrysler engines is that there is excess oil sludge buildup. This is brought on by leaking of coolant into the oil supply, but also happens when the oil breaks down, there are other internal problems, or the oil has not been changed in a long time.

Use High Grade Gas

While it may cost a little more at the pump, it will save you from costly repairs in your engine. The better the grade of gas that you put into your car, the less dirt particles or other impurities that lead to carbon buildup. 

Use Synthetic Oils

One of the recommendations of the Chrysler repair manual is to use synthetic oils rather than the traditional motor oil. This is because it is engineered to handle high heat better without breaking down. It also lubricates the engine better so there is little problem with oil buildup.


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