Cinder Rock Cost Estimates for a Rock Driveway

Cinder rock is used in a rock driveways because it drains well and looks good. It is sold in cubic yards, just as most crushed rocks are. It may also be sold in bags that are packaged in square cubic foots. To estimate the cost of cinder rock for a driveway, consider the following factors.

Amount of Rock Needed

Measure the area to determine how much crushed rock will be needed. The 1/2 cubic square foot bags of cinder rock sell for approximately $3.00 - $6.00 a bag and cover approximately 3 square feet.

Length of the Fabric Liner

The fabric liner is placed under the rock to prevent weeds from coming through the rock. Fabric liners are sold in rolls that can vary from 20-square feet to 800-square feet. The smaller rolls start at approximately $20 and can range as high as $80 for an 800-square foot roll.

Type of Pre-Emergent Spray

When using any crushed rock for a driveway, weed control is essential. There are many products on the market to ensure you kill the seeds before it has a chance to turn into weed. A pre-emergent spray can do the task and costs approximately $12 - $20 a can.