Citrus Tree Care in the Winter Months

Proper citrus tree care in the winter months can be critical for the health of your tree. Methods of winter tree care generally depend on the size of the citrus tree, but also may vary depending on the climate where the tree is planted.

Young Citrus Tree Care

For the first three to five years of its life, a citrus tree is highly susceptible to damage from extremely low temperatures. During the coldest months, especially if a frost is going to occur, the tree should be transplanted into a pot and kept inside. If the temperature stays above 45 degrees, however, it can be placed outside. During this period the tree should be watered once a week.

Mature Citrus Tree Care

Mature citrus trees are not as susceptible to damage from cold temperatures. It takes temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees for a period of 2 hours or longer to pose any significant risk. If these temperatures or lower are likely then it is a good practice to cover the tree with a tarp to will help to keep the frost off the tree. Allowing the frost to form on the tarp instead of the leaves can help sustain the life of the tree and its fruit.