Claw Foot Tub Installation Basics

What You'll Need
Claw foot tub
Bathtub drain
Water supply line
Bathtub faucet
Drywall or circular saw
PVC glue and primer
Plumbers putty
Smooth-jawed Stillson (pipe wrench)

Adding a claw foot tub to your bathroom can add a touch of elegance to the room. While installing your claw foot bath tub may seem like a daunting task, by following a few basics, you can have it done in no time.

Before you install your claw foot tub

There is a bit of prep work that you will need to do before the actual installation can take place, especially if this is a new bathroom. If you are simply replacing your old claw foot bath tub with another, then most of this prep work may already be done. Since these are generic instructions, if they differ in anyway from the manufactures instructions, always follow the directions provided with the claw foot bath tub.

Using a drywall or circular saw cut two holes in the drywall; one close to the floor and the other close to the ceiling below the tub. Snake your PVC hose up through the lower hole into the hole by the ceiling. Attach a pipe coupler using PVC glue and primer. This will allow you to attach the claw foot tub pipes to the existing pipes in the bathroom wall.

Using the drywall or circular saw, cut a hole in the drywall at the appropriate level for your claw foot tub plumbing.

Turn off the water.

Place your claw foot tub

Before you place your claw foot tub, make sure to clean away any dirt, dust or debris from the designated spot. Place the claw foot bath tub in its spot, using a level to make sure that it is even. If your bathroom has a tile floor, then you want to make sure that you use porcelain tub feet coasters in order stop the tub from moving around.

Hook up your claw foot tub

Once you have a level claw foot tub, you can attach the tub’s faucet and drain to the plumbing that is all ready in place. Next, connect the tub’s faucet to the hot and cold pipes. If this is a new bathroom and the plumbing has not been installed yet, you will simply get the faucet and drain in place and ready for the plumbing.

Place the drain gasket and waste line using plumber’s putty. Tighten the gasket. You want to make sure that you use a smooth-jawed Stillson pipe wrench so you don’t mark up the brass finish on the gasket. Screw strainer cap in place.

Test the drainage

Attach the drainpipe to the bottom drain and overflow hole. Lock overflow hole in place using a retainer. You will also need to attach the claw foot tub drain to the floor drain. Make sure that the floor drain has a P-trap installed and also make sure that the drain’s compression fittings are tight.

Turn the water back on and check to make sure that the drainage works and that there are no leaks throughout the plumbing.