Clay Tile Roof vs Concrete Tile Roof

Clay tile roof is renowned for its durability and strength. Concrete roof tiles are also gaining in popularity because of their durability and the varieties available. A brief description of the pros and cons of both roofing options follows.

Clay Tile Roof

Clay tiles last for more than a century, are hardy and resistant to color fades, fire, pests and environmental factors. However, these are the costliest option available. Another downside is the heavy weight of these tiles. If you are installing clay tiles for the first time on your roof, consult a contractor to ensure that the roof can take the weight. In most cases, you will need additional support to accommodate the heaviness of clay tiles. Also, clay tiles are not unbreakable. As a result, installation can be quite complicated and time-consuming. There is also a chance of breakage if repairs are ever needed on the roof.

Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete tiles can be manufactured to imitate the look of clay. These tiles are very durable, though not as long lasting as clay. They are available in many varieties and colors and are considerably cheaper than clay. Also, concrete roof tiles do not weigh as much, thereby reducing the load on your home.