Clean Driftwood to Be Used as Furniture

Driftwood can provide any space a particular lovely aura. Many people want to use driftwood as furniture and decorations. If you're one of those people, you might consider the following tips and guidelines for using driftwood.

Why to Clean Driftwood

Remember that driftwood has been weathered by water. Though naturally beautiful, it could introduce some threats, like bacteria and sometimes termites, to your home. Thus you should clean driftwood before you use it.

How to Clean Driftwood

Use a high-pressured hose to wash off all soil and dusts in and out of the driftwood. You should be able to run water into the wood’s nooks. Scrub off visible algae or mold. Then shake off any debris or similar particles.

Soak the driftwood in a large tub of water filled with bleach. You might also want to use aquarium salt to make sure that no bacteria can live within it. Pour a capful of bleach or a teaspoon of aquarium salt in every gallon of water. Let the wood soak for several hours or days.

Rinse off the bleach with warm water. Lay your driftwood under a towel or old newspapers to let it dry. After it dries, place it in the desired spot in your home or use it to build your furniture.