Clean Louver Slats

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What You'll Need
Paint brush
Dishwashing detergent
Window cleaner

If you have slatted-louvered window coverings, they are wonderful for privacy, but can sometimes be a pain in the neck to clean. The following tips will give you the necessary information to keep them sparkling clean and free of dust.

Tip 1 – Dust Them

Dust your blinds on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) to keep dust from building up. You can do this easily with a paint brush (or cloth) that has been sprayed with a window-cleaning product. Close the blinds and use the brush to clean one side. Next, open them and close them to expose the opposite side and clean that with your brush.

Tip 2 - Clean Them Annually

If you have louvered blinds, remove and clean them once a year (or more if circumstances require). Submerge them one at a time in several inches of warm, soapy (dish detergent) water and clean them with the brush. Wipe excess water from them and then re-hang them. For blinds that are too big to fit in the tub, your best bet is to take them outdoors and wash them with a soft brush and a bucket of sudsy water. Use a garden hose to rinse them.