Clean Roof Shingles with These Organic Products Clean Roof Shingles with These Organic Products

Organic products are available and affordable to clean roof shingles. You don't have to use harsh chemical products which are sure to damage many shingles over time, especially those made of asphalt or bare tile. Many of the byproducts can be harmful and release toxins in the air around and in your home. If you're not sure what to use or what's available on the market, then check out the products on this list:

Organic Mold Removal

As soon as you spot mold on your roof, you want to take care of it right away. It will damage your roof and shorten its life expectancy. However, you don't have to turn to chemical products that will cause even more damage. Look for an organic mold removal product, such as Roof Shingle Cleaner OX 3000. It's made of oxygen bleach and surfactants that restore the roof's natural color. It's non-toxic, decomposes into water and doesn't have harmful byproducts like many non-organic roof cleaning products. It's also tough enough to kill algae and mold, which will give your roof a fresh look.


Flexco makes an organic product to clean roof shingles called Orgo'Clean™, which not only cleans but destroys lichens. It's another great alternative to toxic chemical products, as it's derived from a plant source. It can be used on walls and other surfaces on your structures after you clean your roof. You can leave it on to work and rinse each time it rains, or you can use low pressure or high pressure washing for faster results. However, don't use pressure washing on asphalt and other roofs that won't withstand pressure well.

Homemade Organic Solution

You can make your own homemade roof cleaning solution using organic products. You'll need one cup of organic bleach, such as Seventh Generation's Chlorine Free Bleach. One fourth cup of laundry soap, that you can make yourself using borax (a natural abrasive), washing soda and one grated bar of Ivory soap (or other soap of your choice). Mix everything in one gallon of hot water and attach it to your garden hose to clean roof shingles.

Natural Tile and Tub Cleaner

Some natural and organic products made for tile and tubs can also be used to clean roof shingles. For example, you can use the Seventh Generation Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner to clean your shingles by spraying it on directly, or dumping the solution in a gallon bucket and using a hose to spray it on the shingles. It's non-caustic and non-toxic, so you won't have to worry about the quality of the air around you after using it. It's doesn't have the phosphates or strong dyes found in many roof cleaning products. The bleach used in the cleaner is also chlorine free.

Finding natural, organic ways to clean your roof is worth your time and effort, not only for the sake of your roof, but also for the sake of your health. Use any of these options to clean roof shingles and you'll prevent unnecessary damage to your roof.

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