3 Tips to Clean Your Car Air Filter 3 Tips to Clean Your Car Air Filter

If you want a clean car air filter, there are simple tips to follow. Doing your own maintenance on your air filter will save you time and money and you don't have to worry about replacing it. After you clean your air filter it will be as good as new.

1. Degreaser

Make sure you soak the air filter in a mixture of degreaser and water. Don’t use pure degreaser. It’s important that the degreaser is thoroughly mixed with water or it can eat through the paper in the air filter.

When you clean your air filter give the mixture plenty of time to work. The filter needs to soak for at least 15 minutes in order to remove all the dirt and grease.

2. Drying

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As you clean the car air filter, leave it to dry completely before replacing it in your vehicle. If you put it in and start up the engine before the filter is absolutely dry you can end up damaging your engine.

3. Replacing

You can’t keep cleaning the same cheap filter forever. Be aware that periodically you will need to replace your filter. When you clean your car air filter you should also clean out the air filter box. Use degreaser and paper towels for this. Do this every time you clean the air filter for the best results.

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