How to Clean the Birdbath How to Clean the Birdbath

Attracting birds to your yard is easy if you have the right plants, a few tasty insects for the birds to nibble on, and a clean birdbath. A clean birdbath is essential not only to attracting the birds, but also, to maintaining the tranquility of your yard. Think about it for a moment. Would you like to splash around in a murky looking pool all green with algae or a clean, crystal clear pool of fresh water?

Not only will a clean birdbath attract more birds, but also, it is more likely to cut down on the mosquito population in your yard. Mosquitoes prefer standing water and the dirtier it is, the more likely they are to congregate there. Moreover, standing water tends to take on a distinctive odor after a while. This alone can be reason enough to maintain a clean birdbath.

Moreover, a clean birdbath prevents the algae growth that turns your birdbath from a picture of serenity to a pool of green slime. Not only does a clean birdbath look better, but it is less likely to cultivate and transmit disease.

Optimally, you should consider cleaning your birdbath on a regular basis such as once a week. Cleaning it on a regular basis will keep the task a simple one that will require minimal time to clean.

During extremely hot seasons, you may want to consider cleaning it more frequently. Additionally, if you are storing the birdbath for the cold winter season, then you will need to clean it thoroughly before placing it away.

Easy Steps to a Cleaner Birdbath

  • Tip the birdbath to one side to empty it completely. If it is too heavy, use a small container to scoop the water out of it.
  • Use a small scrubbing brush or scrubber pad depending on the size of your birdbath to scrub it completely. Use a birdbath cleaning product available in most pet stores to clean the birdbath. Additionally, mild dish washing soap can be used to clean the birdbath. Simply dilute the soap with some water to create a sudsy solution to use.
  • Rinse the birdbath thoroughly once you have finished scrubbing.
  • If the birdbath still looks slightly dirty, scrub it again in the dirty areas. Rinse the birdbath again. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly especially if you have used a dish soap to clean it.
  • Refill the birdbath with clean water.

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