Cleaning a Belt Sander

Cleaning a belt sander is one of the easier jobs to do in your workshop, requiring very little effort. 

Belt Sanders

A belt sander is a tool used to smooth out wood and can come with different size belts. It’s a great tool to own if you do a lot of wood working projects.


Before beginning the cleaning process you will need to take safety precautions and unplug the sander. It’s also a good idea to remove the bag and empty it; set aside until done cleaning.

Air System

Using some type of compressed air or vacuum system is best for removing accumulated dust and wood particles from the small crevices. 


For cleaning the outside of the belt sander and the handle piece, just use a simple cleaning rag with some warm water and dish soap. Be sure to wipe down the length of the cord also, to remove the built-up grit.

Other Considerations

If you happen to use your belt sander on wood that has paint on it, you will need to remove any clogs right away. Take off the bag and empty it and use the compressed air system until clog is clear.

For replacing the belt, make sure you use the correct replacement as there is more than one size available.