Cleaning a Composite Kitchen Sink

A composite kitchen sink features a surface that is made up of a mixture of different materials and is designed to be resistant to heat damage, chipping and more. Composite sinks have become quite popular for their ability to withstand damage over the long term. Still, although these sinks are hard to scratch and break, it is best to know the proper way to clean them before you begin.

Find the Appropriate Cleaning Solution

The key to cleaning a composite sink is to determine the appropriate cleaning solution and concentration. There are a few different types of composite sink, and each may require a somewhat different technique or cleaning compound. Understand your sink's composition, or, failing that, take a picture of your sink itself to a hardware or home improvement store. Ask a representative there for advice on the best cleaning solution.

Cleaning the Sink

Once you've purchased the solution and have mixed it to the appropriate concentration, use a rag or a sponge to gently wipe down the sink. If you have stains or other hard-to-remove spots on the surface of the sink, consider using a toothbrush to better clean them.

Follow the instructions on the solution to rinse it off of the surface of the sink.