Cleaning A Metal Roof from Outdoor Hazzards

What You'll Need
A strong jet hose
Cleaning supplies
Paint Brushes
Metal roof cleaning, if done properly, can make your roof last a lifetime. Metal roofs are often victims to rust thanks to weather beating down on it, and mold and mildew growing on it. A metal roof can make your house looks great, or make it looks like a rusty old house. A couple ways to keep your roof looking good, is painting it. Painting the roof will keep the resale value up, make the roof look good, and even protect it from some damage such as rust and mold. To paint a roof, it is recommend getting a professional so you don’t risk injury to yourself, but many people do this on their own anyways.

Step 1: Look at Damage on the Roof

First thing needed to be done is taking a good long look at your roof to see little things that need to be cleaned. Rust spots are a big factor here, because it’s best to just get rid of them right away so they do not evolve, resulting in replacing the entire roof. Any debris on your roof should be pushed off, also keep an eye out for anything that needs to be washed off. Bird wastes, squirrel wastes, branches, and anything else that does not belong on a roof and is an eyesore, and needs to be dealt with.

Step 2: Ensure Safety

While looking at the major areas that need cleaning, make sure there are plenty of safe areas that you can stand, and successfully clean without getting injured, or running the risk of injury or death.

Step 3: Cleaning the Roof

A really good and effective chemical is Tri Sodium Phosphate, along with water. It can clean almost and mildew you will find on your roof. This should kill and completely remove all of the mildew, depending on how hard you scrub it, and how often it’s done. With this method will take a long time to do the whole roof, but in the end, it is worth it simply because it is one of the best ways to clean your roof, and ensure it will be clean for a long time. When you are done, let the roof dry.

Step 4: Spraying Down the Roof

After you use the TSP, it is time to spray down the roof. After about an hour, the chemical have been set down. Make sure every inch of the roof is sprayed with a high pressure hose to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Its best to start at the top of the roof so the debris will slide down with the water, and fall off of the house instead of going the wrong way. If regular water is not cutting it, you can add some safe detergents to the high pressure hose to get some extra cleaning onto the roof making it look shiny.

Step 5: Finishing Up

If the rust spots are gone, it is recommended to paint over where the rust spots were, and it should keep the rust spot from coming back by deterring all the damaging elements.