Cleaning a Mosaic Bird Bath

What You'll Need
Stiff brush
Rubber gloves
Environmentally safe cleaner or baking soda

Cleaning a mosaic bird bath is a quick and easy chore. You can accomplish it using just things you have around the house.

    Be sure to wear rubber gloves while you do this project as many diseases can be passed to humans through bird droppings. Tip the birdbath bowl up and drain all the water out of it. Rinse it out using the hardest pressure setting on your garden hose. Many times this will clean the basin very well and little, if any work, will be necessary afterward. If not, use the brush, scrub any stubborn waste, moss, or slime from the basin. Mosaic tiles can be hard to clean because of the crevices in the grout, so pay special attention to these areas. If you need to scour the basin, use a bird friendly, environmentally safe cleaner or a paste of baking soda and water. Be sure to rinse the basin thoroughly and refill with clean water. Don't use chlorine or ammonia based products for this chore as it can harm birds even in small amounts.

    You need to clean your birdbath and put in new water daily to prevent mosquito hatching. Mosquito 'dunk's are available to help prevent this.