Cleaning a Stained Concrete Floor

A stained concrete floor.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15
What You'll Need
Bucket of cool water
Mild cleaner (dish soap) or other neutral cleaners

You may choose a stained concrete floor because it is easy to clean and also because it is safer than some other flooring options if you suffer from allergies. While a stained concrete floor is sealed against dirt, it does need some special care when cleaning.

What You'll Never Need

You will never need floor pads that are green, brown, or black, high alkaline cleaners, or a synthetic mop.

Step 1 - Sweep the Stained Concrete Floor

Keep dirt off of your stained concrete floor by regularly sweeping the floor with a broom or dust mop. Dirt left on the concrete can leave scratches.

Step 2 - Avoid Concrete Floor Stain

Add a small amount of dish soap or other neutral cleaner to a bucket of cool water. Clean the stained concrete floor with a mop. Thoroughly wring the mop before swabbing a small section of the floor. Rinse and repeat wringing and moping until the entire floor is cleaned without any soap residue.

Step 3 - Concrete Floor Stain Removal

Immediately wipe up spills or soiled areas so they don’t cause a stain. Gently scrub the floor with a soft brush, mild soap, and cool water for a concrete floor stain that is not removed with mopping.

Step 4 - Stained Concrete Floor Finish

Keep the finish on the concrete floor looking glossy with the occasional use of a high-speed buffer with a white pad.

Step 5 - Maintain a Stained Concrete Floor

To maintain the durability of a stained concrete floor, apply sealer at least every three to four years. Sealers for a stained concrete floor are available at home improvement stores or you can contact a professional to do the job.