Cleaning A Stained Concrete Floor

What You'll Need
Bucket of cool water
Mild cleaner (dish soap) or other neutral cleaner

You may choose a stained concrete floor because it is easy to clean and also because it is safe if you suffer from allergies. While a stained concrete floor is sealed against dirt, it does need some special care when cleaning.  

What You'll Never Need

  • Floor pads that are green, brown or black
  • High alkaline cleaners
  • Synthetic mop 

Step 1-Sweep the Stained Concrete Floor

Keep dirt off of your stained concrete floor by regularly sweeping the floor with a broom or dust mop. Dirt left on the concrete can leave scratches. 

Step 2-Avoid Concrete Floor Stain

Add a small amount of dish soap or other neutral cleaner to a bucket of cool water. Clean the stained concrete floor with a mop. Thoroughly wring the mop before swabbing a small section of the floor. Rinse and repeat wringing and moping until the entire floor is cleaned without any soap residue. 

Step 3-Concrete Floor Stain Removal

Immediately wipe up spills or soiled areas so they don’t cause a stain. Gently scrub the floor with a soft brush, mild soap and cool water for a concrete floor stain that is not removed with mopping. 

Step 4-Stained Concrete Floor Finish

Keep the finish on the concrete floor looking glossy with the occasion use of a high-speed buffer with a white pad. 

Step 5-Maintaining a Stained Concrete Floor

To maintain the durability of a stained concrete floor apply sealer at least every 3 to 4 years. Sealers for a stained concrete floor are available at home improvement stores or you can contact a professional to do the job.