Cleaning a Sump Pit

If you have a sump pit the chances are that it is in the basement and doesn’t get a lot of attention. The longer you leave it the more urgent cleaning out  your sump pit becomes.


Step 1 – Isolate Sump

Make sure all services that drain into the sump pit are inactive. To work in the pit you will have to disable the sump pump so any extra could cause a flood.


Step 2 – Lighting

If it is gloomy around the pit you need to obtain extra lighting.

Step 3 – Disconnect Pump


Disconnect the power from the sump pump and disconnect it from the discharge pipe.


Step 4 – Bucket

If you have one large enough, put the sump pump into a bucket. You are going to need to take it outside to clean it and you don’t want to track the sludge through the house.


Step 5 – Remove all Water

Use a wet and dry vacuum to remove the remaining water from the pit and scrape the sludge out. This sludge can smell very nauseous so get as much ventilation in the area as you can.


Step 6 – Clean Pump

Clean the outside of the sludge pump as thoroughly as possible then reconnect it to the discharge pipe.


Step 7 – Reconnect and Reactivate

Reconnect the power to the pump and reactivate any drainage systems.

This may not be your favorite job but you should add it to your yearly to do list.