Cleaning a Water Softener

A sure sign that you water softener needs attention is the appearance of salt streaks on glassware. Before you try to clean your water softener read the owner's instruction manual so that you know where everything is.


  • To make sure no water will go though the softener while you are working on it, switch it to bypass mode.
  • Un-plug the softener from the mains
  • Remove the water softener injector cap. Put it to one side.
  • Removing the cap will expose the injector screen which sits behind it.
  • Remove the injector screen and wash it with warm soapy water.
  • Clean the water softener injector nozzle and clean out all the dirt that has accumulated around it.
  • Replace the injector screen to its position over the nozzle.
  • Screw the injector cap back and place it onto the screen and tighten it.
  • Plug the softener in to the mains again, switch it out of bypass mode and test it.  
  • To keep the water softener working at the best rate clean the injector nozzle twice a year.