Cleaning and Caring for a Power Planer Cleaning and Caring for a Power Planer

What You'll Need
Clean cloth

Cleaning and caring for your power planer is extremely important if you plan on being able to use it and get your moneys worth. Here are a few steps to help make sure that your tools stays in tip top shape.

Step 1 - Wipe Down

Use a clean rag or cloth to wipe down the entire power planer once while it is dry to get any debris off. Then, wet the rag with warm water and ring it out and then go through the tool again this time wiping down with water to get everything off. Use a Q-tip to get into the smaller spots that the rag can't reach. As you wipe everything down, make sure that you are getting into every spot possible.

Step 2 - Vacuum

Once the planer has dried out, you can use a vacuum with a hose to get any debris out that may be stuck inside. This step may not be necessary if you have already gotten rid of everything.

Step 3 - Store

When storing, make sure that you have wrapped the cord up carefully so that it does not get tangled or cut. Store in the original box if you can so that it doesn't get damaged by anything else.

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