Cleaning and Maintaining Concrete Driveway Pavers Cleaning and Maintaining Concrete Driveway Pavers

What You'll Need
Broom with soft bristles
Scrubbing brush
Kitty litter
Boiling water

There is a lot of time and money put into renovating your driveway with concrete driveway pavers to let it get stained, broken, or dirty. With all of this money invested you don't want to have to invest more to hire someone to do a job you can do yourself. This article will show you simple driveway maintenance and cleaning.

Removing Dirt

If your driveway is relatively clean, except for plain dirt or mud, you may only have to complete this step.

Concrete driveway pavers can attract dirt that is very visible. In no time you can have dust, dirt, and dried mud on your concrete driveway pavers.

Use the broom with the soft bristles to remove all of the loose dirt. You may need to go over it several times as concrete is somewhat textured and can easily hide dirt. Add a little more muscle to your sweeping efforts in any cracks or crevices.

Cleaning Old Spills and Stains

Stains are always the hardest thing to remove from concrete pavers. These tough areas will require much more than your muscle power. If you do not have a power-washer you can rent them from many garden stores. Keep the nozzle about a foot away from the surface of the concrete pavers and let the concrete have it. When you are done you will have an idea of what you can do next to remove the stains that remain.

Fill a bucket with hot water and some mild detergent. Stir it around to get it sudsy then use the scrubbing brush dipped in the soapy water to attack the stains. Always begin in a circular motion to make sure you get inside the texture of the concrete. Tougher stains will require soap being directly applied to the concrete, scrubbed in, then power-washed off.

Bleach is a way you can get rid of the really tough stains like oil, blood, and things like wine. Fill a clean bucket with a gallon of waer and add a cup of bleach to it. Safety is important here because bleach can damage your skin, nails, and burn if you inhale it. Wear thick rubber gloves, eye-wear, and mask. Use the scrubbing brush soaked in the mixture to scrub away the stain. When you're finished scrubbing use the power-washer to rinse it away.

Fresh Spills

A fresh spill is easy to remove if you get to it before it has enough time to soak into the texture of the concrete. Pour the kitty litter over the spill and wait several minutes. The litter we soak up the excess moisture then you can power-wash the litter away.

If the liquid has started to set you can use the soapy water to remove it and then power-wash it clean.

Filling Cracks

The best way to take care of cracks in the concrete pavers is to buy a patch a kit and stain.

Follow the directions on the kit making your fills as even as possible. After the patch has cured stain the entire driveway.

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