Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Bamboo Roman Shades

Bamboo Roman shades look great, but what actually makes them a good option among window treatments is that they are easy to maintain and cleaning them is pretty simple.

Tip 1: Dust Frequently

Bamboo shades get dirty easily. To ensure that your bamboo Roman shades look new for a long time, you need to dust them at least once a week. To dust, use a plain soft cloth and gently wipe the top and reverse surfaces. If there is too much dust between the bamboo slats, then use a shade duster, available at almost any hardware store. Make sure that the bristles are soft so that the natural look of the bamboo is not affected. Do not apply too much pressure while dusting the bamboo shades.

Tip 2: Vacuum Carefully

Attach the soft brush head of the vacuum cleaner on the hose and gently move it in a top-to-bottom direction on the shade surface. Set the vacuum cleaner on low because high-power cleaning leads to scratching of the bamboo surface.

Tip 3: Select the Right Spot to Install the Shades

To maintain the shades, you must install them only in areas away from too much sunlight or moisture and rain. Put them up in dry, cool rooms in your home. This is a simple trick to make them last long. Your home must not be damp or too humid, as this spells doom for bamboo.

Tip 4: Check Them Regularly

Keep checking the shades frequently to see if they need repair. For instance, the slats might crack at times and become loose. Make it a point to repair any damage as soon as possible, getting professional aid if necessary. Do not delay in repairing damage, or you could end up having to replace entire shades.

Tip 5: Clean with a Wet Cloth

Take a piece of soft cloth and dampen it with plain water. Do not make it completely wet. Wipe the surface of the shades mildly with this cloth to remove dust particles that have accumulated. Dry the shades in natural light. Never let water soak into bamboo shades.

Tip 6: Wash in Oil-Based Liquid Cleanser

Pour two caps of oil-based liquid cleanser into a tub of water. Dip in each shade and shuffle it so that all parts get cleaned. Leave the shades undisturbed for about five minutes and then take them out. Now wash them under warm running water until the soap lather is completely gone. Dry shades by hanging them on a string in your backyard or in any other open space. Once they are fully dry, hang them up again.

Tip 7: Add Vinegar to the Solution to Clean off Mold

In some places with high humidity, bamboo shades develop mildew, fungus and mold on their surfaces. Wash them in the same manner as described in the step above but add vinegar to the soap mix. In order to make the shades look new, use a brush to apply a coat of liquid wood polish that is of a non-wax base. Make sure that the polish does not drip in any place and is applied evenly. This can be done every 3 to 4 months, if you like.