Cleaning Bathroom Tile Without Chemicals Cleaning Bathroom Tile Without Chemicals

Cleaning bathroom tile has been made quicker and faster with the use of commercially available tile cleaners. However, these commercial products contain harsh chemicals that are harmful for the environment and your family too. You can choose to take the healthier option and opt for home products for cleaning.

Sodium bicarbonate - Also called baking soda, soda bicarb or bicarb, this powder has abrasive properties and is also a mild disinfectant. Sprinkle some soda bicarbonate on a damp cloth or sponge and scrub the bathroom tile. Make sure that you rinse the tiles thoroughly after scrubbing. Sodium bicarbonate also acts as a deodorizer and is therefore a good choice for cleaning bathroom tile.

Vinegar - A bathroom tile cleaner can be prepared with vinegar by adding one part vinegar to three parts of water. You can pour this liquid in a spray bottle and use it conveniently for cleaning bathroom tile. It can also be used to clean bathroom windows and mirrors. This homemade chemical-free concoction is so effective that it is used in many commercial products as well. It removes water streaks and also limescale effectively. If you have marble flooring in your house, make sure to avoid spilling any vinegar on marble since vinegar tends to spoil marble flooring.

When you use chemical free products for cleaning bathroom tile, you need to be prepared to spend more time for the effort. It is advisable not to allow the spills, streaks and limescale to build up before starting the cleaning bathroom tile process.


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