Cleaning Brick Pavers: Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning brick pavers is a task which needs to be done on a regular basis. Brick pavers are used in various areas such as patios and driveways. By being outdoors, they are exposed to more dirt, apart from the fact that if the area is used for recreation purposes or for vehicles, then more residuals will remain on the pavers. Sometimes we may tend to engage in basic cleaning routines which are not that ideal for brick pavers in particular. Here are some mistakes you should try to avoid.

The Paver Cleaner Product

There are various paver cleaner products on the market. However, some may be less suitable than others. Keep an eye on past customers' comments and reviews, and consider the reputation of the particular brand. You should also make sure to apply the cleaner in the appropriate consistencies, as described by the particular instructions. Additionally, you have to ascertain whether your brick pavers are made from clay or from cement. Some cleaners are more suitable for bricks made primarily from cement, whereas others are more ideal for brick pavers which are essentially composed from clay.

The Procedure

The procedure you use when cleaning brick pavers should be composed in such a way that the dirt is actually removed effectively, not dispersed. If you do not sweep the floor well you may cause more damage when applying the paver cleaner. So make sure to start off by sweeping it well, as skipping this stage may be a great mistake.

The Frequency

It is a big mistake to allow dirt to build up. It is best to sweep the floor on a regular basis. A good way to avoid build up is by spraying the brick pavers at least once a week. This will avoid dirt accumulating, especially between one paver and the other. This is especially important if the brick pavers are not sealed.