Cleaning Carpet Stains with Vinegar Cleaning Carpet Stains with Vinegar

What You'll Need
Spray bottle
Distilled white vinegar
Clean cloths

If you are considering using a natural product for cleaning carpet stains, vinegar is just the product you are looking for. By following the steps below, you can successfully remove most types of stains from your carpet without harsh chemicals and for less cost.

Step 1 – Don’t Wait

It’s important with carpet stains that you clean them as quickly as possible – don’t wait. Waiting will only allow the stain to set and make it more difficult to remove.

Step 2 – Absorb the Spilled liquid

As soon as your spill occurs, use a dry clean cloth or sponge (a cloth is easier to work with), and carefully soak up the spill. You may need to use more than one cloth, but make sure the cloths are clean. Be sure you dab up the stain and that you don’t rub it in a circular motion causing it to spread.

Step 3 – Apply Vinegar Solution

Once the stain has been soaked up, use a solution of 1/3 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1 cup of cold water (not hot) placed into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle and then spray the solution directly onto the stain. Using another clean cloth, work in the vinegar solution and remove the stain.

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