Cleaning Dried Epoxy Grout

gloved hand wiping tile with a sponge
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-20
What You'll Need
Release agent
Nylon scrubs
Cloth to wipe

If you are looking for a way to get that excess epoxy grout off your floor, this guide will help you do the job yourself. Epoxy grout is a material used for construction. Its function is to fill joints between units and it is used in tiling. Epoxy grout is made in such a way that chemicals and other substances cannot deter or penetrate it. It provides a strong hold for the ceramic tiles and other joints. Epoxy grout has two parts - hardener and resin. With this article and a few materials, you can get the job done yourself.

Clean the Area

If your goal is to get rid of the excess dried grout, you can start by cleaning the surface. Dust the surface and clean it with a wet sponge. Dry it with a lint free cloth and let it air out.

Practice Safety Precautions

Wear rubber gloves to prevent any reaction from the chemicals.

Apply the Release Agent

Apply a liberal amount of release agent. A release agent is a chemical used to remove grout and clear stains. It is odorless and comes in a gel form.

Grout Joints

Make sure to wipe the release agent from the joint. If not it will extract the grout.


Don't be hasty. Depending on the nature of the dried grout, the time taken for the release mixture to work will vary. If the residue is heavy, leave the for 15 minutes. If it is a relatively smaller area, 10 minutes will suffice.


gloved hand scrubbing tile floor

Now use a nylon pad to scrub the surface. The more force you apply, the better. After a few seconds, the epoxy will start wearing off. Rub till you get the last bit of the excess epoxy grout off.

Clean the Surface

Wash the surface with water to remove the release agent and grout.


In case the dried epoxy grout hasn't come off, then repeat the entire process with an extra release agent.

Prevent Damage

In order to keep the surface area from scratching, pour water over the surface before scrubbing it with a nylon pad.


Once you have finished cleaning the surface, it will look clean and free from all dried grout. That’s all you need to do to clean dried epoxy grout.