Cleaning Efficiently with a Garden Pond Vacuum Cleaning Efficiently with a Garden Pond Vacuum

A garden pond vacuum allows you remove unwanted dirt and debris without having to drain your pond. Read the following information to find out how to efficiently clean your pond with a vacuum and get great results.

Vacuum The Bottom

Vacuuming your pond is much like vacuuming a pool or even your home. You are going after the dirt and debris that has collected on the bottom. Don't try to skim the top or move it up and down in the pond. Water vacuums work on the principle of suction; if you lose this suction, you lose the power to clean and may have to prime the vacuum.

Move Slowly

Move your garden pond vacuum slowly across the bottom of your pond. Quick actions only stir up the dirt on the bottom causing you to either have to wait until it settles or having a dirty pond after you're done.

Vacuum in Sections

The best way to vacuum your garden pond is to move in sections, making sure that you have touched every area. In a small pond, this might not be necessary. Additionally, vacuuming in sections keeps the dirt from stirring into other sections of the pond, which can create more work for you later on.

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