Cleaning Epoxy Floor Coating

What You'll Need
pH Neutral dish soap
Water and pail
Rayon mop
Bristle brush

When it comes to durability, epoxy coated floors are at the top of the list but that does not mean that you shouldn’t take due care of your epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floors can easily resist chemicals than other kinds of flooring. Even if you use your patio or your garage the most within the day, you are assured that your epoxy floors are resilient enough to resist such traffic. Maintaining your epoxy floors does not require that much effort. You can keep your floors dust and particle free with minimal hassle.

Step 1 – Sweep and Pre-Rinse the Floor

It is very easy to sweep off large debris and other visible dust particles from your epoxy coated floor. If you’re working with your patio or garage floor, getting rid of all that dust by hosing everything out won’t be that difficult. Make sure though that you also remove dusts that have accumulated at the sides and corners of the room. Make use with a paintbrush to remove them.

Step 2 – Prepare the Cleaning Solution

You can use any kind of all purpose cleanser for your cleaning solution but the experts find that using pH neutral dish soap is actually more effective the former. At the same time, a neutral cleaning solution is gentler than most cleaning agents that may eat away your epoxy coating. Mix 1/3 cup of dish soap with a gallon of water in a pail. You can use lukewarm or cool water but never use hot. Using your mop, mix everything until the dish soap is fully dissolved.

Step 3 – Mop the Floor

Use the solution to mop the entire floor. You can use any kind of mop for this job but rayon mops are actually better than bristled brooms or cotton mops. Rayon mops allow you to mop the entire area without snagging at the same time it is non-abrasive so your epoxy coating won’t be scratched or damaged.

Step 4 – Scrub Dark Stains

Scab the entire area for any kind of stain or discoloration. If you find any, use a bristle brush to restore the natural color. You should also brush those tough to reach areas like corners and sides to make sure that they are getting as much attention as the rest of the floor. One thing that you have to remember with brushes is that if you get one with really tough bristles, there might be a possibility of you scratching your epoxy coated floor.

Step 5 – Rinse Off

Hose down the entire floor with water. If you let the entire area dry on its own, there’s a possibility of the growth of molds and mildew. To prevent that from happening, use a squeegee to absorb the excess water from your floor. This may be a really tedious task but it’s a lot better than having to deal with molds and mildew in the future.