Cleaning Fabric Shades

What You'll Need
Hand vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
Mild soap
Fabric softener sheet
Clean, dry sponge
Commercial upholstery cleaner
Clean cloth
Drop cloth or large sheet
Ladder or foot/step stool

Fabric shades can dress up a single window in almost any room be it bedroom, family room or even a media room; however, like most window treatments, fabric shades do need some amount of care to keep them from looking shabby.

What are Fabric Shades?

Fabric window shades come in a myriad of styles and materials. They can be heavily patterned, or simple in design and color. Fabric shades can also be modern, contemporary, traditional or even shabby chic in their appearance.

Fabric shades can act as a unifying design element, adding ambiance and warmth to even the smallest windows in a home.

Caring for Fabric

Because fabric shades can easily collect dust, dirt and other debris or simply fade from the sun’s harsh rays, there are a few tips that you might want to consider in terms of cleaning fabric shades.

With a few basic tools, products, and some elbow grease, your fabric shades will continue to look just as good as they did the day you installed them.

Follow these easy steps for fabric shade cleaning on a regular basis.

Step 1: Prep Area

First, gather all materials and place the drop cloth on your carpet or flooring below the window with the fabric shade.

Step 2: Quick Vacuum

Use a step ladder and then utilize the small vacuum with the brush attachment to remove any pet hair, lose dirt, dust or visible clinging items that are on the fabric shade.

Step 3: Remove Simple Stains

Use a small amount of mild dish detergent and water to remove any small spots on the fabric shade. If the stain is large and looks angry, you might want to consider purchasing a commercial stain remover or cleaner purchased at a home improvement store to try and remove it.

Step 4: Dry Area

Use a clean cloth to blot dry the area where you cleaned the stain as much as possible.

Step 5: Cleaning Slats

If the fabric shade is a vertical blind, use a damp sponge in between the slats and clean the areas missed by the vacuum.

Step 6: Colored Shades

Before spot cleaning any colored fabric shade, test a small area that cannot be seen with the mild soap detergent for smaller spots. Try the commercial cleaner in a small area as well that you intend to clean the larger spots with.

Step 7: Final Steps

After cleaning and removing stains, be sure the fabric shade is completely dry. Next, rub the fabric softener sheet on the fabric shade. The fabric sheet will add a lovely smell to the shade, as well as keep any potential dust and other debris at a minimal from clinging until the next cleaning.

Step 8: Clean-Up

Store all materials used for the job far from children and pets.