Cleaning Hardwood Floors

It’s worth it

Hardwood floor cleaning is essential to keeping your hardwood floors looking beautiful. Hardwood floors cost thousands of dollars and add to the value of your home, so why not treat them like the valuable addition to your home that they are?

Like a record, avoid scratches

Hardwood floors are certainly not as delicate as a record, but the scratches can be just as ruinous on floors as they are on records. To fight this, keep the dirt and sand off the floors. Over time, sand and dirt will accumulate on the floors just like they do on every other surface in your home, but unlike those other surfaces your floors get a lot more traffic. If you allow your guests to wear shoes in the home, then this risk is compounded, but don’t fret. To avoid the chances of rubbing the dirt and sand into the floors and scratching them, simply use a bristled broom to remove the dirt from the floor. It’s as simple as that.

Deeper clean for a deeper shine

Beyond sweeping, hardwood floor cleaning requires some heavy duty cleaning as well. For this, try hardwood-floor-cleaning-specific products like hardwood floor cleaner. This will keep the wood healthy and vibrant, making it last even longer.

Deepest clean for damaged wood

Not all homeowners do their fair share of maintaining hardwood floors. If you’re entering a home that has hardwood floors in desperate need of refurbishment, here are some ways to bring them back to their splendor, though not all floors can be recovered fully. Screening is one way to fix it. By abrading the polyurethane finish that is currently on the floor, and then applying fresh coats of urethane, screening and recoating will rejuvenate and prolong the life of your hardwood floor.
If the damage to the floor is severe and has gone through the stain of the boards down to the bare wood, you can sand and refinish.