Cleaning Laminate Kitchen Countertops without Leaving Streaks

What You'll Need
Rag or sponge
White vinegar
Dish washing liquid
Furniture oil

Cleaning laminate kitchen counter tops without leaving streaks is an easy job and if done properly will make your whole kitchen sparkle. It can be done in a couple of easy steps using things you probably have around the house.

Step 1: Clean

Remove everything from your kitchen counter top such as canisters, cutting boards and small appliances. Clean the counter top with a good dish washing liquid and water. This will remove any grease or dirt on the counter top that has built up. All kitchens will have some grease on counters and other surfaces if its used very often. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Step 2: Remove Streaks

To obtain a streak free counter top you will need to remove any soap residue and restore the original lustre of the counter top. To do this, mix one cup of warm water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and put in the spray bottle. Mist this on your counter tops then wipe dry with a clean rag. this will not only remove streaks and shine the counter tops, it will also deodorize your kitchen.

Step 3: Seal

To keep the cleaning of the counter tops to a minimum, rub them down with lemon oil after doing the above cleaning. This will keep them streak free and shining.