Cleaning Leftover Carpet Padding Glue

Carpet padding is fairly easy to remove, using a little extra muscle. Sometimes when you remove the carpet and the carpet padding, some of the glue will remain on the subfloor and will not come up. In order to apply another flooring surface, you will need to remove the excess glue. Here are a few ways to accomplish this.

Scraping the Flooring

After you have completely removed your old carpeting and the carpet padding, you will need to pull out a metal spatula or scraper and take it over to the remaining carpet padding. Sometimes carpet padding has been fixed to the subfloor for such a long period of time that it doesn't come up easily with the rest of the carpet and the padding. Simply use a little muscle and begin to scrape the extra padding glue away from the subfloor. It will take some time and some effort, but it will provide a nice smooth surface when complete.

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive remover can be a great addition to your removal of the leftover carpet padding glue. Adhesive remover should always be applied using safety precautions. For example, never apply the adhesive remover without putting on protective gloves, eyewear and mask. Last, make sure your room is well ventilated.