Cleaning Marble Countertops: Mistakes to Avoid Cleaning Marble Countertops: Mistakes to Avoid

When cleaning marble countertops you may make various mistakes that will result in various spots or scratches. To avoid these, follow the steps below.

Avoid Abrasive Cleansers and Sponges

Abrasive cleansers, wire scrubs or sponges can damage the surface of the marble countertop, so make sure you only use soft sponges that don't cause scratches. When you clean the surface, apply a marble cleaner and then wipe off with a sponge or a soft cloth or towel. Make sure you clean the marble countertop after each use. If there are no food or drinks stains, just wipe off the surface with a soft sponge that is dipped in water.

Avoid Acidic Cleansers and Staining

Marble countertops should be cleaned with products that have a neutral pH of 7, which is the pH of water. You should stay away from cleansers that are acidic, which will destroy the appearance of marble. Vinegar or lemon juice, which are often used as cleaning solutions, can damage the marble countertop.

Acidic foods and drinks may also leave stains, so use trivets and coasters. If you spill anything on the countertop, remove it immediately with a towel.

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