Cleaning Natural Stone Floors: 2 Tips Cleaning Natural Stone Floors: 2 Tips

If your home features natural stone floors that are in need of a good cleaning, you may be unclear on how to remove any caked-on filth. Below are two helpful tips that are guaranteed to make the cleaning process simple and stress-free.

1.) Avoid Using Cleaning Products Whenever Possible

One of the best features about natural stone floors is the fact that they can often be successfully cleaned without the aid of any commercial cleaning products. Stone flooring can typically be cleaned with nothing more than a dampened, sponge, mop or washcloth. In addition to not staining very easily, natural stone can be damaged by the chemicals found in many commercial products, particularly those that are acidic in nature. For best results, it is recommended that you clean any spills or smudges immediately upon discovering them.

2.) Use Diluted Bleach for Tough Stains

If you're ever faced with a stain that can't be purged with water alone, diluted bleach can be an invaluable resource. To remove stubborn stains from your natural stone floors, combine a mixture of mild bleach and warm water in an empty spray bottle, then apply the newly formed solution to any stained areas. Next, give the cleaner 1 to 3 minutes to penetrate the stains before wiping them away with a sponge, paper towel or washcloth.

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