Cleaning Out Your Electric Chain Saw: Instructions

Cleaning out your electric chain saw will keep it running properly. A clean chain saw is also important to protect not only the machine, but the operator as well. Accidents can happen when chains get clogged or a saw overheats because some dirt or debris gets into it. Therefore, an occasional cleaning maintenance session is necessary to provide you with an efficiently running chain saw. Here are some instructions toward keeping your electric chain saw in tip-top shape.

Chain Blade

Your electric chain saw blade is automatically lubricated while the saw operates. The saw has an oil reservoir that supplies lubricant to the blade through discharge holes along the chain bar edge. Often these portals can become clogged with sawdust or other debris and needs to be checked. A good way to clean these portals free of dust and debris is to use a can of compressed air. These cans come equipped with long nozzle extensions that should be a perfect fit for ridding the chain bar oil portals of any clogging debris. Make sure to wipe the bar off with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil or sticking debris. Check the cutters for any clogged wood pieces that need to be cleaned out. Be careful. The cutters are extremely sharp and can cause serious damage. Use the compressed air or a stiff bristled brush to remove any stubborn wood or dust from the chain teeth.

Oil Reservoir

If your oil reservoir is not working properly, it also might be clogged with wood dust, chips or other debris. If oil does not reach the chain bar, it can begin to smoke due to lack of lubrication. Check its operation by holding the saw up over a light colored area and press the throttle. You should see oil splatter across the chain edge. If not, you may need to remove the oil reservoir to clean it out and replace it with fresh oil.

Armature and Brushes

Sometimes dust can creep into the electric motor. If so, you need to remove the armature cover to check to see if any dust has crept inside. Here is another good situation to use compressed air to blow out any debris that may be affecting the motor brushes.  In fact, use of compressed air in any tight area throughout the chain saw is a good way to clean out your electric saw after each use. Depending upon the elements at work on the day you are cutting, wind can blow sawdust into your machine easily.

Wiping Off the Body

It is a good tip to keep the body – mostly plastic – wiped clean to prevent any grease or grime buildup. By keeping the body clean, you will reduce any opportunity for debris to enter the housing or attach to the chain bar.

Storing the Saw

When storing the saw for an extended period of time, clean the entire device, remove the chain and store it in an airtight bag filled with SAE 30 weight oil.

Keep a package of handy or baby wipes nearby for clearing sawdust from your chainsaw.