Cleaning Plastic

There are many appliances and household fixtures that are made of plastic. Plastic has many advantages, but cleaning plastic can sometimes be a chore. The following is advice on how to clean plastic fixtures or appliances in your home.

Cleaning plastic in the bathroom

First of all, preventative maintenance goes a long way. If you will take a minute to wipe down the tub or shower after each use, it will be much less labor intensive on cleaning day.

A paste made with baking soda and water can clean plastic toilet seats, tubs, and sinks. A mildewed shower curtain may look like a lost cause, but a mixture of bleach and water will make the mildew disappear in seconds. When working with bleach, just be sure to wear gloves and your “cleaning clothes.”

Cleaning plastic in the kitchen

The baking soda/water paste will to help clean plastic kitchen appliances and fixtures as well. If you use plastic utensils, or plastic containers, you can help keep them stain-free by spraying them will a small amount of cooking oil before each use. If that is not appropriate for the dish that you are cooking, the stain can be removed by using Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water. Denture tablets mixed with water should have the same affect.