Cleaning Off The Soap Scum Cleaning Off The Soap Scum

Soap scum is gross

Cleaning soap scum can make your bathroom look as clean as it did when it was new. Soap scum accumulates with every shower and creates a dark gray ring around your tub that tarnishes the appearance of cleanliness there. But it isn’t only for aesthetic reasons that we clean it. It’s not just soap there, remember, it’s also skin and oil. Leaving it there promotes growths such as mildew and mold. So try and keep it clean.

It’s easy

Using vinegar is a very effective and green way to clean soap scum. Just microwave the vinegar first, and then apply it to your soap scum. Let it lie for a couple minutes, and then wipe away and rinse. The results will amaze you.


After you have cleaned away your soap scum, remember to keep it that way, because that’s the easiest way to prevent another tiresome cleaning. Wipe away the soap scum after each shower and prevent it from drying on.

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