Cleaning Teak Furniture in 6 Steps

What You'll Need
Two pieces of cloth
Sand paper
Teak oil
Olive oil (optional)
Teak sealer
Varnish (preservative)

Cleaning teak furniture is a lengthy process that involves several steps. Teak is among one of the most durable and naturally termite-resistant and weather-resistant types of wood. Though teak wood furniture is often resistant to external factors, the appearance of this wood can be affected over a certain period of time.

Cleaning teak furniture does not just involve dusting and using a cleaning agent. Teak wood has an inherent shine, which needs to be restored periodically to keep the furniture looking new forever.

Step 1 – Clean the Furniture

Add some mild detergent to warm water and make a warm dilute soap solution. Clean the furniture using a sponge or soft cloth dipped in this solution. Apparent dust and foreign particles will get washed away during the cleaning process. Wipe the furniture with a soft and dry cloth and leave it in sunlight for at least two days. In the absence of sufficient sunlight, you could also set the furniture under drying lights.

Step 2 – Apply Sealant and Teak Protectant

If the furniture has developed any cracks, this will become apparent within 2 to 3 days. Fill up these cracks with a sealer. Apply a coat of teak protectant to the furniture and allow it to dry for two days.

Step 3 – Use Sandpaper to Remove Stubborn Stains

Oily food, ketchup, and some acidic drinks leave deep and ugly spots on teak wood. Scrub the affected area with sandpaper till the spots disappear.

Step 4 – Apply Teak Oil

Sandpapering could lead to the loss of the original honeydew color of teak. To restore the natural color, dip cotton in teak oil and gently rub it over the discolored area. If the entire piece of furniture is to be polished, use a brush for applying teak oil. Allow the furniture to soak the oil completely and regain its original color. Leave the furniture in sunlight for 2 to 3 days.

Step 5 – Apply Sealant

Apply one more coat of teak sealant to the piece of furniture. This will protect it from fungus and borer insects. Ideally, a brush should be used to apply the sealant so that it spreads evenly; if a brush is not immediately available, opt for a sponge.

Step 6 – Apply Wax

The task is almost done now. You have taken care of the cracks and stains. You may now want to give a glossy finish to the furniture; to accomplish this, wax it. Apply wax evenly using a piece of sponge and polish the piece of furniture with a soft cloth. In a matter of minutes, your furniture will look as good as new.

Important Tips

  • Wax your furniture regularly to maintain its shine.
  • If you are unable to get hold of some teak oil, use olive oil. However, olive oil does not produce the same effect as teak oil.
  • If you want to match the color of the furniture with that of the other furnishings, use an appropriate color varnish instead of the teak sealant.