Cleaning the Air Filter on a Weed Eater

What You'll Need
Weed eater
Standard screwdrivers
Plastic bucket
Mild dish soap
Hot water
Wet rag

A weed eater is one piece of lawn maintenance equipment that no home should be without. If you do your own grass cutting then a weed eater is an important part in that process. Your weed eater is built to take a lot of abuse over the course of its life but in order to keep it running it, like us, needs proper air flow. Once the air filter gets dirty the carburetor can no longer function properly, fuel mixture gets messed up and the engine works poorly. This can be stopped by cleaning the air filter of the weed eater after every 4 to 5 uses and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Removing the Air Filter of the Weed Eater

The engine design of the weed eater is relatively universal. As such, the air filter of the weed eater is located near the back of the engine. Typically, the cover is held in place by only four screws. In order to get at the air filter you need to remove those screws. Use the screwdriver to do so and place the screws to the side so you will not lose them. Remove the cover and clean it on the outside and inside with the wet rag. Use a different bucket if you have to as to not add more grime to the air filter. The air filter is remove by simply lifting it out of the engine. Set it aside.

Step 2 - Clean the Air Filter

Place about 1 quart of warm or hot water in the bucket. Add to it 1/2 teaspoon of the dish soap. Make sure the water gets soapy before trying to clean the air filter. Find a hard surface and gently knock the air filter against it. Be careful not to hit the actual fabric of the air filter. You want to knock off as much of the dirt and debris that you can prior to cleaning the air filter. Once you are satisfied you can place the air filter in the hot water. The air filter is made up of a fabric that has many pores. When you have it in the water squeeze it several times to force the water and soap through those pours. Remove the air filter from the bucket.

Pour out the soapy water and rinse out the bucket. Now, fill the bucket with cold water. Place the air filter in the cold water. Grip the filter and swqueeze it several times. You want to flush the soap out of the pours of the air filter. When done you can remove the filter and set it aside to air dry.

Step 3 - Replace the Air Filter

When you are satisfied that the air filter and cover are dry and clean you can put the weed eater together. The air will slide right in place. Now, slide the filter cover on and screw it in place. Do not over tighten the screws.