Cleaning Tile Pool Coping and Grout: 4 Tips

Tile pool coping tends to become dirty easily, particularly if you have an outdoor tile pool. Swimming pool coping may prove difficult to clean. Follow these four tips for an easier cleaning process.

Clean Easier Areas First

Examine your pool tile. Clean surface dirt and other debris from the coping and grout before you attempt any other cleaning. A tile wipe or detergent can help to address these issues.

Acid Wash in Severe Cases

If the dirt is widespread or set into the tile, use a chemical acid wash to remove it from the tile. Be careful when selecting and applying the acid wash, as the chemicals may damage certain surfaces or your skin.

Use a Bleach Solution

Mix a 20-percent bleach solution in a spray bottle. Clean particularly problematic spots with the bleach solution and a toothbrush or rag.

Use a Power Washer

A water-based power washing system may help eliminate stains from tile pool coping, as well. Ensure that the tile isn't cracked or broken before you use a power washer. The pressure may break or exacerbate existing damage to the tile.