Cleaning Tumbled Marble Flooring: Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning tumbled marble flooring yourself can be tricky. There are many common but easily avoidable mistakes that can ruin your floor.

Avoid Generic Solutions

Tumbled marble does resemble many other types of stone in a superficial way. However, you should avoid using cleaning techniques designed for most stone floors unless you have specific information saying they will work. Tumbled marble is easy to accidentally damage, particularly if you do not seal your floor, use acidic cleaners, or scrub using abrasive materials.

Use the Right Cleaners

Using a generic cleaning product, even one designed for stone, is a mistake when dealing with tumbled marble flooring. You should be able to purchase a specially designed product for your tumbled marble floor. Be sure to follow this product's instructions carefully, taking extra care to follow  the section on dilution. More concentrated cleaners will require more dilution than others. Dilution will also effect how much rinsing you need to do before you can consider yourself done.

Use the Right Tools

Use a mop and a bucket to dilute and apply the cleaner to your marble floor. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the grout, but do not scrub your floor with an abrasive tool, as that will scratch the seal.