Cleaning Uses with Ammonia

The cleaning uses with ammonia are varying. Ammonia can be used to effectively clean many areas of your home and personal items. Here are a few useful ways to clean with ammonia.


Ammonia can be used to replace expensive jewelry cleaning products. It can work wonders on restoring the shine to diamonds, gold, rubies, and crystal.


Wooden floors should not be cleaned with ammonia. Ammonia is ideal for cleaning tile and linoleum surfaces. These type of surfaces can accumulate wax build up and ammonia is superb for removing it.


Cleaning the bathroom can be exhausting. Ammonia is convenient and efficient for cleaning soap scum in your sink, tube, faucet, and toilet. It can also be used to clean drain pipes that have amassed dirt and grime.


Windows and mirrors, in the home and office, can collect oils, dirt, and residue. Ammonia is excellent for removing these remnants without leaving any streaks.


It is a tiresome chore to clean the kitchen. Adding a small amount of ammonia to your dish water will cut through grease, making it easier to clean your pots, pans, dishes, and counter tops.


Additionally, ammonia can be used to clean mold and mildew, trash cans, walls, carpet stains, and clothes hampers.

Ammonia is a handy cleaning product to keep around the house. It has many uses and will replace countless cleaning supplies.