Cleaning Your Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub with a cover.
What You'll Need
Hot water
Stiff scrub brush

Protecting your hot tub with hot tub covers will save hot tub owners a lot of hassle. A hot tub cover does two things. First, it insulates the water so that the heat stays in the hot tub so you don't use more energy than is needed to heat water. It also keeps dirt out.

Hot tub covers that are neglected will quickly show fading from the sun, cracking caused by heating up and cooling down, and even begin taking on water from the evaporation underneath and rain from above.

In order to keep your hot tub looking new and last for a long period of time, great care should be taken in the hot tub cover itself. You can easily keep your cover clean with a few basic cleaning techniques.

Clean Cover on a Regular Basis

A hot tub cover is usually made with marine grade vinyl so that it will better handle the constant moisture it is subjected to. You can buy several different vinyl cleaners that can get the job done, the best way to get your hot tub cover clean is to use regular soap, hot water, and a good stiff scrub brush.

Step 1 - Remove Cover

Take the cover off of the hot tub and set against a wall or something stable. Rinse it off with water first before doing any scrubbing.

Step 2 - Scrub

After the cover is pre-rinsed, begin in an upper corner and with small circles begin scrubbing with the brush and hot soapy water. Go across the top and begin moving down the cover. Rub gently while steadily progressing into a harder motion for more stubborn dirt.

Step 3 - Rinse and Repeat

Rinse one side completely of all soap. Begin on the other side in same manner and rinse thoroughly.

Step 4 - Check Vapor Barrier Inside of Cover

Hot tub covers will often have a zipper access to the inner foam and vapor barrier. Periodically check this vapor barrier to ensure it is still functioning and not ripped. If the barrier is ripped, then using a strong tape, or seam sealer, can fix the barrier for continued protection.

Keep your hot tub cover clean and functioning for a long time by periodically checking it for any tears or dirt. Clean it at least three times a season and check the barrier twice a season.