Cleaning Your Patio Furniture Cushions

What You'll Need
Soapy water or foamy cleaner
A clean sponge
Fabric protector spray

Even though your patio furniture cushions are made for outdoor use, they can still get dirty with mold and mildew if left outside for long periods of time. To preserve your cushions, you need to clean them periodically.

Check Labels First

Before doing anything else, always check to see if there are any specific cleaning instructions for your patio furniture cushions. Some types of cushions can simply be removed and thrown into the washer.  Other types may require special cleaning agents.

Basic Cleaning

Using a damp sponge, apply warm soapy water or foamy cleaner.  Rub the sponge all over the cushion to get the cushion clean. Then, taking another sponge, rinse the cushion off. Wipe off any excess water and let dry.  

Once dry, spray your patio furniture cushion with a fabric protector spray. This will not only protect your cushion but will also make cleaning them easier next time.