Cleaning Your Seamless Gutters

Cleaning your seamless gutters is an important task to accomplish frequently.

If you fail to clean your gutters, you will be left with corroded and possibly punctured gutters.

You could also create a flood in the basement because water flow from the stopped up gutters flows over the gutters and onto the ground where it cannot adequately soak into the ground. You need to keep the water flow in the gutters going smoothly.

Clean from the Ladder
You should not sit or stand on the rood to clean gutters. You could fall from the roof, with potentially serious injuries.

Instead, lean a ladder against the house, attempt not to use the gutters as support, if possible. It could bend or damage the gutters.

Reach into the gutters from the ladder for greater stability.

Use a Leaf Scoop

For many people, a plastic leaf scoop simplifies the job of cleaning gutters. Standing on the ladder, reach the scoop into the gutter, gathering leaves and muck. If you can put a trash can on the ground, trying to drop the debris directly into a trash can is a better solution than cleaning up after you have scooped.

Try By Hand
Sometimes there is too much debris in your seamless gutters to be picked up adequately by the leaf scoop. In this case, wear heavy gloves and scoop it out by hand.